I've attended PNI course at Liceo Galileo Galilei High in Trentino and graduated with a score of 95 out of 100. A few years ago I worked in a team at FBK for a three week summer stage. I'm currently studying Physics at the University of Trento.

About me

I love music, art, photography and design. I've always been interested in web development and design so I've been studying PHP, Javascript/ JQuery, CSS, Python and Qt on my own during the last years. I'm a sporty person and I love to reinvent myself in many projects and ideas.

Latest Project: PhysisLab is a project which runs along the Physics Laboratory Lessons and will consist in a webpage where all the works and the results of the research will be published. The project starts with a 6 months try period and might go on during the next year. The purpose is to let everyone know what happens in a Physics Lab, but will also be a way to keep things sorted for a future use.
My Projects